Khedcity Integrated Industrial Park & SEZ

Integrated Industrial Park

Ease of Business Setup, Proven Promoters and Optimal Efficiency Ensure Your Success

Strategic Location, Comprehensive Amenities and Exceptional Value make Khed City Your Ideal Choice. Work Safely, Live Peacefully and Enjoy Leisure at one of the best sustainable and Integrated Industrial Townships in India.

Join Our 65+ Progressive Clients On Your Journey To New Horizons And Profitable Opportunities.

Khed City Industrial Land / Plots
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Strategic Location

Khed City is close to Pune, one of the most livable and pleasant cities in India. With its many schools and technical institutions, Pune offers skilled personnel, medical facilities, urban infrastructure and entertainment for all.

Pune offers everything that a simple or sophisticated business needs. What’s unique about Pune is its peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking getaways like hills, beaches and resorts, all available at an affordable cost of living.

Ideally located in the well-planned and government-backed Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Khed City is your ideal destination for durable success. It’s also accessible through major rail links, ports, highways and air transport.

Khed City offers you another remarkable advantage. It is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra, renowned for its industry-friendly atmosphere, peace-loving people and highly skilled workforce.

Maharashtra is home to renowned international companies, such as Mercedes Benz, Bosch, IBM, Maersk, Fiat, Siemens, Cummins, Whirlpool, and John Deere.

It’s also close to other thriving Industrial hubs like Chakan, Talegaon and Ranjangaon to ensure you receive all the vendor support you need.

Ideal location that’s yours for the asking.
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Dr Baba Kalyani

Dependable Promoters - Khed City is Designed and Built by Industry Leaders

Jointly promoted by the Kalyani Group–a reputed USD 2.5 billion conglomerate–and the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC, a supportive government agency with over 230 industrial parks), Khed City offers exceptional value from trustworthy promoters.
The Kalyani Group has been delivering engineering grade specialized steel and precision components to the automotive and precision engineering industries for over 4 decades now. The group is also a major supplier of critical defence equipment. MIDC has been in operation for over 45 years. It offers you the much-needed efficiency and focused services for a quick startup and long-term growth.

The partnership between the Kalyani Group and MIDC means a single point of contact for easy clearances and smooth operations.

You are dealing with the best in the Industry.
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The Government’s Participation means Easy Clearances, Quick Startup and Consistent Growth

As a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Khed City offers you lucrative tax breaks and efficient paperwork to set up your operations immediately. Indian SEZs offer minimal red- tape, lightning clearances and excellent support services to a wide array of industries.

We facilitate full compliance with all acts and regulations through complete government participation and support. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you get all the clearances you need within your stipulated project deadlines.

Get the best of both worlds—private competence and government cooperation. Build your secure future at Khed City.

Sustainability Delivered-Enhance Your Brand and Business Image

Our total commitment to sustainability ensures you work, play and live in a safe and healthy environment. This way, you not only attract the best talent but also instill confidence in your customers by embracing the authentic sustainability that we offer.
Khed city has a project-level environmental clearance from the competent authorities. In addition, we offer the expertise and step-by-step support to get fast environmental clearances for your specific industry.

Join us in building a Green Planet for our Children.

Amenities to Help You Compete Globally

Enrich Your Personal and Professional Life

Skilled personnel are available at your doorstep. Khed City operates its own hands-on, Manufacturing-Centric Industrial training Institute (ITI) that churns out about 1000 skilled technicians every year. It’s surrounded by reputed institutes and colleges, too.

The nearby city of Pune—also called Oxford of the East—offers an unlimited supply of skilled personnel at highly competitive costs. To add is the migrant labor that flocks to Pune because it is one of the most pleasant cities to live in India.

Our Project Features also include

Khed City Amenities

Clear Land Title

Khed City Amenities

Valid Environment Clearance

Khed City Amenities

Best In Class

Khed City Amenities

Excellent Logistics Connectivity

Khed City Amenities

Quick Setup

Khed City Amenities

Integrated Development

Wide Range of
Industries Supported

You may be interested in an automotive Ecosystem, Vendor park, Auto or engineering cluster, Food Processing unit, HVAC Components manufacturing, or White Goods production; Khed city is the reliable Integrated Industrial Park for your simple or sophisticated manufacturing needs.

We will make it worth your while.

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