Khed City has Achieved a Harmonious Balance between Nature and Industrial Development

Our commitment to sustainability demonstrates our genuine concern for your health and well-being. Who says sustainability and industrial development cannot go hand in hand. From the moment you enter Khed City, you can smell purity in its air, bask in its green expanse, appreciate its clean water bodies, and enjoy its natural beauty as you drive down its winding slopes.

Genuine Sustainability

With more than 150,000 Native Species of Plants, Khed City is practicing genuine sustainability with the frugal use of water and other natural resources. Using Surface Rainwater Harvesting, we are minimizing the impact of the industrial park on the surrounding natural resources. Soil conservation measures and hydrological regime management using lovely canal courses and existing depressions ensure the sustainability of natural resources in their original beauty; you would think we are operating a nature reserve.

Khed City Love for Nature

Love for Nature

We love nature as much as you do. That’s why our heavy investment in nature not only offsets the carbon footprint generated by industrial activities at Khed City but also ensures your overall well-being.

In addition to industrial success, we are committed to the restoration of regional biodiversity, creation of a natural grassland landscape, ecological improvement of the area, site aesthetics, clean air, and other vital environmental elements.


Authentic Sustainability

Khed City has been granted project-level Environment Clearance by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, India. This environmental clearance is not easy to obtain. The certification clearly states that we have not disturbed any water bodies during the development of Khed
City. A six-monthly compliance audit by the same agency affirms our commitment to stringent guidelines that protect the environment and support sustainability. So, our sustainability claims are genuine and authentic. Go Sustainable with us.

Social Sustainability - A Hallmark of the Kalyani Group’s Ethics

As a socially responsible self-sustaining ecosystem, Khed City takes every measure to ensure and augment social sustainability.
We, in partnership with the government, acquired land from resident landowners to build the industrial city. Our relationship with the landowners did not end there. Khed City has embarked on an elaborate Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) program to ensure the former landowners are compensated adequately and continue to benefit from the project.
Under this plan, we have provided a school, permanent accommodation, a healthcare centre, a community hall, skills training, and job opportunities for their personal and professional growth. So, they continue to be our partners in the success and growth of Khed City.

What Sustainability Means for You

Operating out of a genuinely sustainable industrial park like Khed City enhances your business image. It creates the sentiment
of trust for your business among your customers and business associates. Also, reduced carbon footprints can be used as
credits to publicize your ethical business practices and attract additional customers.

Six-Monthly Environment
Compliance Report

Khed City is proud to be an environment-friendly industrial city. Our six-monthly environment compliance
reports show the constant endeavour taken to abide by the environmental norms.