Non-Industrial Land

Prime non-Industrial Land at Khed City for Your Ideal Work-Life Balance.
We have allocated prime land for your safety, comfort, and stress-free living. Khed City is a harmony of clean environment and urban amenities. It nurtures a walk-to-work culture through support services, schools, recreation, healthcare, security, clean air and water, medical infrastructure, and other necessities for its residents. At Khed City, you can experience peace and tranquillity in a chaotic, noisy world.

Safe and Secure

With its broad roads and generous allocation of prime land for additional amenities, Khed city is built to meet international working and living standards.
Broad roads and non-industrial amenities meant more allocation of prime land for non-profitable purposes. But we went ahead and allocated the extra land for your safety and comfort. With additional land allocated for safety and security, such as a police station, fire station, guardhouses and medical facilities, securing your life is always on our mind. Prime land allocated for water recycling, large drains, wooded areas and water catchment demonstrate that your well-being is our primary concern.
The non-industrial land has been carefully conceptualized and developed for the perfect harmony of optimal efficiency and holistic living. Live the easy, undisturbed life.

Genuine Sustainability Equals Pure Air and Water for You

Air and water are among the primary constituents of the human body. In most industrial zones, sustainability is only on paper.
In reality, many environmental laws are bent in favour of industrial growth. At Khed City, we have gone to great lengths so that you get a genuinely clean environment to work and live. We have allocated prime land for wooded areas, water conservation, and relaxation spaces for your benefit. Away from the polluted urban spaces that are harmful for children and adults alike, Khed city’s clean atmosphere offers you a rare opportunity to enhance your life.
Work, live, play, and enjoy life at Khed City, an integrated city with certified environmental clearances.

Save Time and Minimize Stress

Live the Good Life at Khed City

Khed City is an Integrated Industrial Township. It offers a walk-to-Work lifestyle to give you more time with family and friends. Spacious, Lush Green, and Future-ready housing facilities make Khed City a natural destination for wise manufacturers. What better way to retain top employees and still stay profitable. At Khed City, we have gone the extra mile to ensure flexible living options for every budget. Living in Khed city, you cut the commute, save time and alleviate stress for your employees and their families.

Also, children are the future of humanity. At Khed City, we have amenities like reputed schools, top-notch educational institutions, free space, and recreational facilities to guarantee a happy childhood. A dedicated library ensures your children develop into informed adults. Pure air and clean water mean your kids stay healthy and happy. We give you the rare option of wholesome living within the non-industrial zone of Khed City. With its extra amenities, Khed city offers you considerably more time with family and friends in a safe, pure and lively environment.

We take Your
Recreation Seriously

We have invested heavily to assure your recreation.

In addition, gyms and open space are yours for the asking. For management, this means giving your employees and their families the ideal lifestyle at affordable costs. From our manufacturing experience, we know happy employees equate to higher productivity. Play, jog, walk or just relax in our sprawling non-industrial zone developed specifically with you, your employees and your families in mind. Breath in fresh air and breath out stress at Khed City.

Happiness is only a mouse click away. Make that important decision to set up your best manufacturing facility at Khed City. Enjoy Life.

Coming Soon

to Enrich Your Life

Coming soon to Khed City are Restaurants, Service Apartments, Banks, Showrooms and Fuel Stations. Prime land for a Super Market, Mall and Hotel has been allocated as well.
Work with the peace of mind that your family is living in a safe and secure environment, with professionals to meet their everyday needs.
Experience a symphony of manufacturing, recreation and nature at Khed City.

Khed City Connectivity



Pune city centre 50 km
Chakan 19 km Mumbai-Pune
Expressway 46 km



Pune Railway Station 53 Km
Chinchwad ICD 45 Km
Talegaon ICD 45 Km



Pune Airport 50 Km
Mumbai Airport
161 Km


Sea Port

JNPT 146 Km
Mumbai Port
168 Km

Khed City Master Plan

Your gateway to 4200 ac (1700 ha) of Prime Industrial Land for Industries