Industrial Land

Prime Industrial Land Created for Your Success and Growth.

Best In Class

Khed City offers industrial land for both Indian and Foreign manufacturers through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) program with the government. It has a valid environmental clearance. The Kalyani Group and Maharashtra’s MIDC will fast track your legal and commercial clearances, so that you are up and running in no time.
What you get at the end of a quick setup is the best industrial infrastructure, built to global standards, at affordable acquisition costs. In addition, Khed City offers excellent logistics through rail, road, air, and sea.


  • Storage & distribution infra functional
  • Water management includes supply of pure water to
    distribution of recycled water
  • Rainwater harvesting for sustainable development
  • Storm water collection and disposal system for safe and
    efficient handling
  • 7 ML storage in place, Infrastructure to lift 2 MLD water is
  • 50 MLD water reservation in process with the Govt



  • 100 MW sanctioned power
  • 40 MW available at site
  • Two 33/11 KV functioning Substations
  • New MRS 220/33 KV of 100 MVA being
    setup by MSETCL

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

  • Modern and efficient firefighting system in place
  • Ambulance facility available on site

Khed City Industrial Land / Plots
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Clear Title Land, No Legal Complications

The Kalyani Group and MIDC have tirelessly worked behind the scenes to ensure easy accessibility of clear title industrial land.
We inspired the complete cooperation of the local property-owners from whom we acquired land for Khed City. The former landowners are now our friends in the area. The Kalyani Group and MIDC have ensured their favourable and comprehensive rehabilitation through quality education, skills training, job opportunities, and medical facilities. Moreover, we have ensured all legal clearances, so that you get pristine land to set up your production facilities immediately. We also work closely with you to obtain all legal, commercial and miscellaneous clearances.
As a result, you are free from expensive and time-consuming admin or legal work.

No Sticky Environmental Challenges

Commissioning a production facility without all the environmental clearances can cause operational, legal and social complications down the line. Do not be concerned.
The Kalyani Group and MIDC have ensured a blanket environmental clearance that could take several weeks to acquire. You only have to get an environmental clearance for your specific industry, which the Khed City management will expedite for you through its partnership with the government. You work in an authentic sustainable environment at Khed City.
Enhance your business image through genuine sustainability.

No Delays through a Quick Setup Process

The Kalyani Group shares its more than 5 decades of wide-ranging industrial experience so that you are up and running in no time.
Delays can drive up costs, sap team morale, and even threaten a project’s viability. The Khed City Management has already prepared the ground for you through a quick and easy set up process. Be it registrations, clearances or availability of power, water, telecom or other necessary services, the Khed City management will help you meet your deadlines without delays. Our personnel are trained to support you in all your industrial needs, because we understand your concerns and priorities through our own manufacturing experience.
We are your best partner in India for a quick, easy and reliable manufacturing setup, combined with long-term growth.

Skilled, Economical Labour Force

Khed City is located in Pune District. The beautiful, peaceful city of Pune is also called the Oxford of the East.
It offers a ready talent pool at competitive salaries. But partnering with the Kalyani Group offers you an additional advantage. We have been recruiting top talent in the area for our US$ 2.5 billion conglomerate for more than 50 years now. So, we understand the local job market and wage levels to get you experienced personnel at the most competitive salaries. We have also trained more than a 1000 industry-ready personnel at our model industrial training institute. This pool of highly skilled personnel is readily available for your manufacturing needs.
Partner with us; you will get the best people for the long term.

Best in Class Infrastructure

To support manufacturers producing goods for the Indian market, the DTZ-Phase I offers 700 acres of industrially developed land.
The biggest advantage for local manufacturers is that Khed City personnel will be with you at every step–from clearances to commissioning–of your production facility. We will take the pain out of establishing a new manufacturing facility, because we partner closely with the government to get you the best deal. Low operating costs are another advantage you enjoy at Khed City. With all amenities available in and around this well-thought-out and constructed Industrial Zone, you will enjoy competitive costs and optimal efficiency.
This way, Khed City and the Kalyani Group’s manufacturing spells maximum profits for you.

Simplified Manufacturing for Exports

For companies that produce solely for the export market, the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) encompassing 100 Hectares is ready for operations.
The SEZ is a Deemed Foreign Land for tariffs and duties. An SEZ offers many tax and operating incentives. You operate as if your were in your cuntry, but with all the advantages of an economical, globally competitive industrial city.
With internal airports and seaports nearby, and the availability of excellent rail and road connectivity, you are export-ready from day one of your operations at Khed City.

Roads, Power, Water, Security, Safety and Broadband

Our Industrial Park has well laid out roads, adequate power for your rapid growth, a well-planned drainage system, and a water recycling plant. We also offer instant telecom and broadband connectivity. Operate in a Secure Industrial Zone.
Electronic surveillance, guard posts, physical access control based on ID cards, Fire and Police Stations, and roving guards ensure the complete safety of your personnel, machines and material.

Walk to Work

We have put Your Well-Being and Safety first.
Khed city’s true sustainability and generous allocations for non-industrial needs ensures you live and work in a genuinely sustainable, pristine environment. Along with a globally competitive industrial infrastructure, we are committed to supplying you with pure air and water for your holistic health.
Most importantly, you get an outstanding, competitively priced industrial facility of your choice in one of the most beautiful locations in India for a peaceful work-life balance.

Khed City Connectivity



Pune city centre 50 km
Chakan 19 km Mumbai-Pune
Expressway 46 km



Pune Railway Station 53 Km
Chinchwad ICD 45 Km
Talegaon ICD 45 Km



Pune Airport 50 Km
Mumbai Airport
161 Km


Sea Port

JNPT 146 Km
Mumbai Port
168 Km

Khed City Master Plan

Your gateway to 4200 ac (1700 ha) of Prime Industrial Land for Industries