A Khed City and Y Enterprises join hands as the latter embarks upon a journey of expansion.

A Khed City and Y Enterprises join hands as the latter embarks upon a journey of expansion.

Khed City, Pune, 26 March, 2024

Y Enterprises, specializing in auto parts for commercial vehicles, recently made a strategic  decision to establish their manufacturing facility in Khed City, one of India’s leading industrial townships situated in Pune, famously known as ‘Queen of Deccan.’ Initiating this collaboration, Khed City signed an MoU on 26/3/2024, for the acquisition of 0.40 acres of land at our industrial township.


Established in 2019, Y Enterprises’s journey began under the name of Kaypees Enterprises and later branched out to venture into diverse product segments. Currently, Y Enterprises specializes in the trading of auto parts for heavy commercial vehicles. As they aspire to expand in manufacturing and distribution of rubber-molded auto parts for heavy vehicles, Khed City welcomes them with open arms and a promise of success in the years to come. With 4,200 acres of industrial land, our development comprises domestic industrial parks, special economic zones, and other essential support service areas.


With their industrial setup in Pune, Y Enterprises will significantly contribute to the automotive industry by constructively assembling and manufacturing diverse auto parts, and products while also keeping in mind the need of sustainability in today’s time. Along with excellent infrastructure, connectivity, and a skilled workforce, Khed City is known for its environment-friendly practices which result in reducing carbon emission, and maintaining a cleaner and greener environment.


Khed City looks forward to serving as a foundation to Y Enterprises to solidify their business and grow in an environment surrounded by like-minded industries and thriving mindset. We are thrilled that they chose us over other locations in Pune as it displays our commitment, strength, and contribution towards the automotive industry of Pune.

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