Sunlit Power sets a ray of hope by investing in a 2-acre land at Khed City

Sunlit Power sets a ray of hope by investing in a 2-acre land at Khed City

Khed City, India – 8th November 2023 – Khed City, India’s leading industrial
and integrated business township, and Sunlit Power, the maker of the brand “Arenq” in batteries have signed an MOU and have decided to joyously collaborate, setting the festive season on a drumroll as it announces this huge achievement.

Sunlit Power, a company known for its expertise in solar energy solutions, is taking a giant leap by investing in a 2-acre plot at Pune’s Khed City where they will actively be responsible for assembling batteries.


Arenq has always been a renowned and trusted brand under the roof of energy backup solutions and this strategic move aligns with the Indian government’s goal of achieving 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022 and 450 GW by 2030. They are also known as the most efficient storage batteries for all industries. With its identity in the competitive markets of energy solutions, Arenq is also listed as India’s best battery manufacturer.


With a team of extraordinary and excellent professionals who have the experience of 15 years or more in the industry, they are also engineers who have bagged qualifications and degrees from esteemed and recognized institutes that give the brand an edge over all competition and stand out in the market to be explored.


In an evolving world of technology, maintaining sustainable energy solutions is always the way forward as this gets identified as mindful ways to achieve better energy management.


Khed City is a prime location for Sunlit Power’s investment due to several reasons:


With regards to the Infrastructure, Khed City is renowned for, with connectivity, providing ease of access and transportation for the project.


Having said the above, it also becomes necessary to emphasize on the fact that there are supportive government policies that surface when we touch on this topic; The Maharashtra government also offers incentives and policies that encourage investments in renewable energy projects.


While we settle on the subject of benefits the actual advantage to Sunlit Power’s Investment is the environmental impact. They now have this space and will significantly contribute by constructively assembling and manufacturing the Arenq batteries however will also keep in mind that there needs to be a reduction of carbon emissions, creating a cleaner and greener environment.

This in turn will also create jobs since this project will generate employment opportunities in the region, helping to boost the local economy.


Sunlit Power’s investment at Khed City, Pune, is a significant step in India’s journey towards sustainable and clean energy. It not only aligns with the nation’s renewable energy goals but also showcases Sunlit Power’s commitment to environmental responsibility and the welfare of the local community. As India continues to embrace solar power, investments like these will play a crucial role in building a greener and more sustainable future.

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